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2023 Parade

4.   CHILDREN participating in the parade MUST be supervised before, during and after the parade.

5.   COMMERCIAL ENTRIES are limited to one entry that must be decorated in the spirit of the festivities.

6.   To qualify for prizes, floats should be decorated using the current year's theme.

7.   REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, however there is no entry fee to participate in the parade.

8.   DO NOT STOP at the reviewing stand to perform.

9.   NO MUSIC is permitted on floats or vehicles without prior approval of Parade Chair.

       (other music interferes with our performing bands)

10.  Please notify us within 24 hours of the parade in the event of a sponsor of band cancellation.

       A full refund of any deposit will be returned to sponsor in 7-10 days of the event.

  11.  No Political entries.

Please Note: The Harvest Festival Committee and the Milton Police Department WILL NOT ALLOW CANDY OR OTHER ARTICLES TO BE THROWN FROM MOVING VEHICLES.  However, candy and other handouts may be distributed by walking attendants. Anyone who does not adhere to this policy, may be asked to leave the parade route and/or may not be allowed to return for future parades. Child Safety along

the route must be a first consideration.

Starting Line: TRUCK PRO, 1200 N Front St.
Reviewing Stand: Lincoln Park, Front St.
Finish Line: ConAgra, South Front St.

  1. FLOATS will form at the north end of Milton on both sides of SR405, north of Load and Go Beverage. Look for assigned numbers on the ground. The maximum height for clearance on the parade route is 12', 6".

  2. VEHICLE/MARCHING UNITS will form at TRUCK PRO             

  3. (1200 N Front St). To access the vehicle/marching unit area, use the 10th Street entrance to TRUCK PRO. Personal vehicles will not be allowed to enter this area, only for drop off.

SATURDAY - SEPTEMBER 14, 2024, Commencing at 1:00 PM
Front Street (SR405), Milton, PA | 1.6 miles

Parade Chair



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